Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Recent pictures

These are just a few random pictures that I've taken recently and thought I'd share.  

Caroline playing dress up.  Yes, she has on a sleeping beauty dress with a cowboy hat.  And a baby doll on her lap wearing a cowboy hat of her own.  

"I'm 3!"  

Caroline and Jeff getting ready for a bike ride in the neighborhood.  

We were lucky enough to spend a couple of days at Lake Rosemound at the camp of some our friends.  This is Caroline and Jeff headed down to the lake for an evening ride in the kayak.  


Anonymous said...

I think kiaking on the lake must be lots of fun. But did you know you were breaking the lake rules and could get you friend (member) in trouble??? The rules states. " No unregistered boats on the lake"

Anonymous said...

Who in the world would give a guy and his daughter a hard time for kayaking on a lake while staying at friend's camp ON THE LAKE?