Monday, December 08, 2008

Caroline meets Santa!

If any of you remember Caroline's attitude toward Santa last Christmas, this picture and story will be a huge surprise.  My mom took Caroline to the mall yesterday evening to ride the carousel and just get out of the house for some one on one time.  My mom called me while they were there and asked if we minded if Caroline took her picture with Santa (in case that was something we wanted to do with her).  I didn't mind at all and of course didn't want Caroline to get upset if she couldn't meet Santa, so they went to wait in line to take a picture.  Right as it was Caroline's turn to take her picture, there was a problem with the equipment, so they told them it would be about five minutes or so before they could get going again.  Caroline took that opportunity to go have a long conversation with Santa.  Mom said that Caroline ran over to him and hugged him and had a long conversation while they waited for the camera to get working.  The picture below is proof of just how excited she was; the word that comes to mind is "joy" when I see her precious face!  

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Leah said...

She definately looks joyful - great picture!