Thursday, December 11, 2008

Let it Snow!

I could not believe my eyes this morning when I woke up to feed Charlotte.  As I walked through the kitchen I glanced out the window because the light looked different than usual at that hour.  To my surprise, it was snowing!  And not just a little snow, this was a real, honest to goodness, could have been in the mountains, SNOW!  I've never seen so much snow or such big snowflakes in Louisiana.  I ran to wake up Caroline because I couldn't let her miss the first snow of her life to a few extra minutes of sleep.  Within minutes she and Jeff were suited up and ready to go play in the winter wonderland that was our yard.  My brother Neal showed up a few minutes later and the three of them had a great time playing outside.  Charlotte and I enjoyed it all from the comfort and warmth of the couch; we don't have any baby snow gear, so I thought it best not to let her really feel the first real snow of her lifetime.  
It was truly beautiful, but I'll let the pictures (and I'll try to post a video too) speak for themselves!  

Here's a video (please keep in mind that Jeff and Neal were supervising this), proof that children indeed need both fathers and mothers . . .


Amelia Walton said...

Ashley, that is too funny. Drew and I cracked up watching that--tell that girl we love her!

Beverly said...

I thought Caroline was going to say it tasted like diesel fuel. I remember when my boys were little. I enjoy feeling that way again watching Caroline. What fun!