Sunday, December 28, 2008

Let's Get Along

I was reading a blog with Caroline on my lap a few moments ago and I'm sure you can imagine my surprise when she started "reading" a sign that was pictured in the post.  Here's the picture:  

The little 3 year old on my lap read the entire thing to me ("Cacourage udders") and told me "those are the rules."  I realized that this poster is also in her classroom at school.  Very amusing.  It also makes me feel like our money is well spent at her preschool.  

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Amelia Walton said...

That is so funny--my mom tells a similar story about me. She picked me up from day care (I was about 3-4) and was shocked to hear me "reading" the cat in the hat from my carseat. Upon looking in the rear-view mirror she discovered that her little genius had the book upside down and I was just reciting from memory. But hey! While it may not be reading, there's something to said for a good memory, right? ;-) See you on Wednesday!