Thursday, February 26, 2009

Am I talking to a dude in a wheelchair?

Lost? Why yes, I am, thank you.

Two weeks ago I couldn't’t get into the show, last week I thought it was better and although it stressed me out to the point where I found myself holding my breath, I really liked last night’s episode. I am most certainly LOST though.

Here are the highlights for me:

Walt? What? I wasn’t sure what they were going to do with him, but I didn’t expect that we would see him leaving school in New York City rather nonchalantly. And what role will he play now? He obviously can see the future, but how is that going to work into the rest of the show?

I really loved Locke this episode, I’ve gone back and forth between liking him and just tolerating him. I have moved into the camp of Locke-lovers now. I could have done without seeing him throw up though; can they institute a “gross out warning”? At least then I’d be prepared for bones protruding from the skin and barbaric setting of bones without anesthesia.

I really hated Ben this episode. What a great actor, but man, I know we can’t trust him now and perhaps we were all wrong about Charles Widmore. Well, not ALL wrong, how could someone dislike Desmond? Ben is not time-jumping with Hurley and the rest of the crew apparently. And neither is Locke?

Widmore. I am still not quite sure what to think about him. He was at least right about Ben.

I know there were lots of numbers thrown around and I’m sure we’re seeing them all point back to the eerie significant number string – but I’m not good enough to keep all of this stuff straight.

Locke is now alive. Yay. After the traumatic experience of seeing Ben murder him and then in a creepy methodical way make it look as though he committed suicide, I was really looking forward to knowing he was alive and well back on the island.

Helen Norwood dies of a BRAIN ANEURYSM. Hello, there must be some significance to that with all of the bloody noses and bleeding brains with the island time jumpers.

“Caesar”. As if we needed a new bad guy. But, in any event, here he is!

I know there was way more there, but those were my highlights.
Check out Shannon’s blog for an always good recap and scroll through the comments to read more.


Sarah Eliza said...

I just can't think that Widmore is a straight-up "good guy" when his daughter is so terrified of him.

Also, what do you think of Ben killing John, when we saw him seemingly aware that John was to play the part of Christian (implication presumably being, "and come back to life") on the return to the island? If he was aware of that aspect, it makes the motivations for the murder even more of a brain-teaser for me.

oh amanda said...

There were so many great scenes! I'm with you on Walt--I wish they'd work something else with him.