Saturday, February 28, 2009

Late Update

I can't believe it's already Saturday!  I've been meaning to update the blog with a few pics from our Mardi Gras trip over to Covington.  On Monday night I was a little worried that we wouldn't be able to keep our plans to go to a couple of parades with friends on the Northshore, because Caroline fell asleep at 5:15 sitting next to Jeff on the couch.  We could not wake her up.  She didn't wake up in the middle of the night sick or anything though as I feared and around 7:00AM, she popped out of her room like normal.  I guess she just needed a little extra sleep!  

We got a fairly early start on Tuesday and were out the door by 8:00 or so.  The girls had a good drive over; Charlotte was quiet and slept most of the way and Caroline was entertained by an old favorite, her Raffi CD that we hadn't listened to in months.  The weather turned out to be really beautiful; it was a little on the chilly side early on, but as the morning went on it ended up being warm and sunny, a perfect day to be outside.  

We went back to our friends' house after the parade was over and had a great lunch and a fun afternoon of playing for all the kids.  Caroline wore herself out!  I'm sure all of the kids slept as well as she did Tuesday night.  It was no 5:15 bedtime, but she did go to sleep early and slept hard all night.  

Also last weekend Caroline and Jeff took their bikes out to LSU to ride around.  Jeff let Caroline take the lead and decide where they would ride.  She took him on quite a tour, they ended up on the levee riding halfway to downtown before Jeff decided they really needed to turn around or he would be in danger of trying to figure out how to get back carrying a 3 year old and her bike while riding his.  Caroline was fine though and made it back to the bell tower without any trouble.  Jeff mapped the route later and they rode 4 1/2 miles, pretty good for those little 3 year old legs pedaling a little pink Trek with training wheels!  

Finally (I know this is getting long for all 6 of you who are still reading), Caroline and I had our first real mom and daughter date last night since Charlotte was born.  I took her to the LSU gymnastics meet.  I had never been to an LSU gymnastics meet before and it was a lot of fun.  I was afraid that there would be too much "down time" and that Caroline might get bored, but it actually moved pretty quickly and the two hours went by faster than I would have thought.  She loved all the music and kept getting up on her chair, on my lap, or in the aisle to dance.  At the end of the night Caroline asked if it was "the little girls' turn to do 'nastics".  I had to tell her that she would have to wait for Thursday for her gymnastics class to try out all the new moves she "learned" last night.  We really had a great time!   

Other than that, I'm back in more of a routine at work and I'll start going back to some full days at the office next week.  We'll see how this goes; I'm just taking it one day at a time.  

Here are some pics from Mardi Gras day:  

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