Thursday, February 05, 2009

Catching up

I'm sitting here in our bedroom with Caroline sleeping on my bed after she just said, "I'm not tired, I just need to lay here and rest."  I don't remember the last time she took an early nap; it's literally probably been over a year.  Charlotte is in her pack n play on the other side of the room fast asleep as well.  I figured I should take this chance to get some pictures on the blog and to write a quick update on what we've been up to.  

Let's start with the weekend, shall we?  Jeff and Caroline went out to celebrate our friend Chris' birthday in Mississippi at his parents' camp on Saturday.  They had great weather and had a wonderful time.  It was a long no-nap-day for Caroline and she crashed hard in her bed when they returned home.  

Caroline ran in her second race on Sunday.  She's moving on up in the world of racing, last April she ran a 1/2 mile and Sunday she tackled a full mile!  She ran (with Jeff) the entire way and had a great time. I was really surprised that she didn't get Jeff to carry her part of the way, but I think the sight of all of the other kids trucking it themselves probably provided some good ol' fashioned peer pressure for her.  Charlotte and I hung out and watched them start and finish the race and of course to cheer on the kids as they crossed the finish line.  

Charlotte is finally feeling better and that makes life so much nicer for me.  In case you didn't know that she needed to feel better, she had her first ear infection and I'm praying that this was not the first of many for her this young.  She is better now though, thank the Lord.  

Charlotte also had her two month check up yesterday and she is doing well - the doctor confirmed that the ear infection is indeed gone!  She weighs 11 lbs and is 22 1/2 inches long, 50th percentile for all her measurements (exactly like her big sister).  They gave her several shots.  She got all the ones I was used to with Caroline, but now they give a vaccine for Rotavirus (I would pay a lot of money to the person who developed that one - I would never want to relive those 10 days of my life when Caroline had it).  Charlotte slept a lot yesterday, but other than that, no ill effects from the vaccines she got.  Again, thank you Lord.  

Oh, and if you are wondering why Caroline is at home sleeping at 10:30 AM on a Thursday, she has bronchitis.  No fun.  We're dosing her up on the medicine the doctor prescribed, so hopefully she'll start feeling better soon.  In the mean time we're trying to get her to eat and drink lots of water and letting her watch a little TV to pass the time.  Even though she's sick, Caroline enjoyed a little dress up fun yesterday, calling it "Playing Halloween".  

We also got a treat of a short visit with Drew and Amelia this past weekend.  Drew had a conference for work in New Orleans, so we got a quick visit in.  We wish they lived closer because we always miss them so much when they have to leave.  

Our girls hanging out early Sunday morning.  

Caroline and "Mr. Chris"

Caroline and Brady enjoying the ride!  

And they're off . . . 

At the finish line 

Showing off her medal (while keeping her eyes on the action going on over my shoulder).  

Our sick girl "playing Halloween".  Just look at that face :-( .  

We love Drew and Amelia! 

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