Saturday, February 21, 2009

Date Night

Jeff and I had a date night last night.  With Caroline.  It was the first time we've done something with just the three of us since Charlotte was born, so it was long overdue.  Mom came over to watch Charlotte (thanks Jo Jo) and we headed out to eat dinner at Louisiana Pizza Kitchen before the Southdowns Parade.  Eating has not been high on Caroline's priority list lately, so I was surprised when she ate about half of her cheese pizza.  It is just about the best pizza crust ever though, so I would have started to worry about her if she didn't eat it.  

After dinner we headed down the road to the Southdowns Parade.  We got there at the perfect time and only had to wait about ten or fifteen minutes for the parade to get to us.  Caroline enjoyed this parade from my shoulders and she was lavished with love in the form of beads, stuffed animals, and the daddy of all throws (in Caroline's eyes), the giant Crayon Bank. It was comical to listen to her, she was in awe that more floats kept coming around the corner and didn't stop yelling "Hey!" or "Throw me somethin'" the entire time.  It really is a great parade for kids; the throw lots of stuff, mostly to the kids, there are lots of kids in the parade, and it isn't too long.  We had a great time.  

When the parade was over, it wasn't quite past Caroline's bed time (and what fun is a night out if you don't get to stay up past your bed time?) so we took her to  TCBY for a little dessert.  She chose a brightly colored swirl of ice cream (which the guy working there told us really just vanilla ice cream with different colorings)  with mini-M&M's.  A good ending to a fun night out!

There are a couple of pictures below of Caroline & Charlotte hanging out at home yesterday afternoon, one of them is Caroline in action with her camera, a common sight in our house since Christmas.  

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