Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Saturday

* I tried to post this on Saturday, but it wouldn't upload, so here it is now!*

We've had a really good weekend so far; we've spent time baking and visiting with friends, watching Caroline play soccer, dyeing Easter eggs, and just enjoying a little extra time off together.  Last night Caroline and I went to Barnes and Noble for a Fancy Nancy story time and some Fancy Nancy activities while Jeff stayed home with Charlotte.  Caroline really enjoyed it and as you'll see from the pictures, she got dressed up for the occasion.  

The pictures probably say it all best, so here's the real recap:  

It was a special "big girls only" outing, so I let Caroline stay out a little late and she asked for a huge cupcake for dessert, I obliged.  I think she ate all of the icing and about two bites of the cake.  

As if the giant cupcake from Starbucks wasn't enough, we baked cupcakes today and Caroline was the decorator (are those cupcake toppers the cutest things ever?).  Charlotte was her regular happy self and watched it all from the bouncy seat:  

Here are some pics from the family Easter egg dyeing extravaganza:  

Caroline playing soccer:  

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