Tuesday, April 28, 2009


If you've visited my blog in the last few weeks, you might have noticed the button on the top of the right sidebar for the Compassion Bloggers trip to India. It is going on right now and I've been riveted by the posts from the bloggers on that trip. Below are a few buttons you can click to get directly to two of the blogs and the last one is for links and an RSS feed to all of the bloggers who are documenting their time in India to see firsthand the difference $32 a month can make. I think what has struck me most deeply is the fact that $32 makes a HUGE difference to one child and that child's entire family. Just $32. We spend that in a quick run to CVS to pick up milk and diapers and think nothing of it, but to one child and one family, $32 is the key to a chance to go to school, to be able to cook, to eat, to know what a dream is (as you can see from this post).


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Anonymous said...

Curious, because I have read your blog before as well! I live here and Nashville and am friends with Anne, Angie and Pete who recently went on this trip.

How ironic, but I am glad indeed that we found each other. We can all encourage each other through this crazy circus we call parenting!