Tuesday, April 21, 2009

LSU Spring Game

Jeff took Caroline to the LSU Spring Game on Saturday evening.  The weather was a little questionable, but we thought it would be a good trial run for possibly bringing her to a regular season game.  The weather held out for the first half and she really enjoyed being in Tiger Stadium.  The highlight of the game for her was getting to go on the field to take a picture with one of the cheerleaders.  Whenever we drive past the stadium she always says, "I'm going there to be a cheerleader."  The fact that the cheerleaders are there to cheer on the FOOTBALL players means nothing to Caroline; the stadium is all about the cheerleaders to this three year old.  

On the downside, the lowlight of the game was Caroline's run in with Mike the Tiger.  Caroline always thinks she wants to see the mascot when we are at LSU events, but the closer he gets, the more she realizes that calling him over was a really bad idea.  The same held true on Saturday and as Mike approached Caroline after she beckoned him her way, she slowly grew anxious at his approach and finally dissolved into tears as he tried to say hello.  On the way home from the game, Caroline used her "phone" to call Mike to tell him that he needs to try to be a little nicer.  

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Amelia Walton said...

Ashley, this cracks me up! Don't tell Caroline, but I somewhat secretly always thought that I had a good mascot in my and even considered trying out to be the Asheville Tourist's mascot in college. At least she told Mike to be a little nicer! What a funny girl!