Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Nashville video

Okay - so between moving and Caroline having soccer and gymnastics and of course that thing called "work", I have not had a chance taken the time to get our Nashville pictures up. I decided to make a short little video from the trip. I realized two things as I created this tonight: 1) I need to get Jeff to take more pictures of me with the girls, and 2) I didn't get one picture of just Allison and me or Allison, Jeremy, Jeff and me the entire trip. My mind was obviously on the kids . . . So, how 'bout next time we're together Allison and Jeremy, let's make sure to document the fact that WE were friends first?


Allison Bussell said...

That video was awesome and made me miss you guys even more! It is funny how our children become the center of our universe when we are all together even though they would not have ever met if not for us becoming fast friends. We love you guys so much and will miss you at the beach this year!!

J Bussell said...

I love the video. Even though we can't make the beach, I am definitely looking forward to another trip to BR to see the new house.