Thursday, June 25, 2009

More Thursday Randomness

Caroline ran a fever for a few days last weekend, so she was a little lethargic and sleepy until mid-day Monday. In spite of the still-unnamed sickness, she managed to entertain herself (and me).

And yes, that is a cheerleader costume over a t-shirt with a tiara and a Rudolf nose.

Charlotte is working had on sitting up and getting better by the day.

And finally . . .

After our mid-April debacle that was supposed to be "swimming lessons" at LSU (those lessons that I would have been better off throwing my money into the pool on the first day and walking out the door? Yep. Those.), guess who is learning how to swim?

And now on to the randomness -

So far this hasn't been very random, all about my family in fact! But here are a few things that will make the title of this post appropriate:

Again, I have to give it to Oswald Chambers. He hit it out of the park today (and the baseball analogy was intentional, Geaux Tigers!)

Hmmm. Was the placement of that analogy in bad taste? I'm leaving it, so let me know if you're offended! Not that I'm going to delete, just info for me for next time. . .

Finally, it's a sad day with the passing of both Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson. As I understand it, Farrah Fawcett was suffering pretty terribly in recent days and while I know her loss will be keenly felt by her family and friends, I know that there must be some solace in her release from suffering.

As for the loss of Michael Jackson, I am flooded with memories of my childhood that involve him and his music. The Thriller video alone brings back memories of slumber parties and girls squealing and trying for what seemed to be hours on end to learn "the dance".

I was talking to Jeff tonight about his passing, and it might sound so simple, but I can't stop thinking that he was a real person with real feelings, a real life, and a real story. I know he was surrounded by turmoil and conflict and I don't want to idealize him in any way or brush that part of his life under the rug; quite the opposite, I am struck by the fact that despite his iconic persona and larger than life image, he was a man who had a story just like any of the rest of us.

In recent months I've been so undone by the number of people in my life to one degree or another who have died unexpectedly; it is a reminder to me always that life is fragile.

I hate to end on a semi-sad note when I have much to be thankful for, so here you go:

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