Thursday, June 18, 2009

Thursday Randomness

Just to start off the day on a good note, here's the link to My Utmost for His Highest today. I often find Oswald Chambers to offer some really challenging words to start my day; today was no exception. I should have this one rolling through my head for days (and weeks and months?) to come. Anyone have some insight on how to do this?

Here's a really good article about Lenny Kravitz. I had heard that he was a Christian, but honestly I hadn't ever taken the time to look into his story. I really like that his faith seems authentic; he has struggles and is honestly and faithfully trying to wrestle with walking as Jesus did.

I love give-aways! Granted I rarely win anything (I actually did win something for the first time in recent - or not-so-recent - memory a couple of weeks ago here!), but it's fun to dream!
You can enter to win a Coach bag here (I don't own an expensive purse because I can't really justify spending the money on one, but free? Well, since you're offering, I'll take one of those thank you very much.)
You can enter to win a couple of things here from Amanda - Little Debbies (Ah! The memories) and a book.

And finally an interesting observation from Caroline this morning: On our way to school she said, "Mama, I like the sun to be in my eyes. It means I'm hot and not cold." Well said Caroline.

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