Monday, June 22, 2009

Weekend update

Jeff and our friend Denver put on a race this weekend, the first of many they hope! It went really well; they had about 200 people participate in a 1 mile scramble and a 6K trail run. It took a lot of preparation and hard work to put it on and from all outside appearances, it was a success. Everyone had a great time and most of the people had not participated in a trail run before (this being South Louisiana and all). They also ended up raising a good sum of money to donate to Braveheart Children, a charity in town that serves children in the foster care system.

Sunday was of course Father's Day and the day greeted Jeff with a sick child! Caroline ran fever all night Saturday and most of the day Sunday. She seemed okay otherwise, maybe a little tired and lethargic, but no complaints out of her. So, after we made french toast with fruit for Jeff and gave him his cards and gifts, we sent him off to church all alone to celebrate Father's Day without us! Or maybe since we were the ones at home we were celebrating without him . . . In any event, it was a less than eventful Father's Day, but Jeff did get to relax a little after church while the girls took some loooooong naps.

At one point yesterday afternoon, Caroline said, "Mom, it's Father's Day, right?" I said, "Yes, Caroline it is." She looked a little perplexed and replied, "So why it isn't Girls' Day?" I laughed and wanted to say, "Because every other day of the year is Girls' Day", but I refrained and just said, "That's a good question!"

Finally, I noticed a couple of Caroline-isms this weekend that I wanted to be sure to share. Whenever someone tells Caroline "thank you", she replies with "I welcome". Not sure where that came from. She also says, "Never me either" when most people would say, "Me neither." Again, I'm not sure where that came from, but it always makes me smile when she says it.


Amelia said...

Happy father's day to Jeff! Along the Caroline lines, it also cracked me up at the beach that she would begin a sentence with "Also, what else?" (or something to that effect). She's one cute little girl!

Ashley said...

Oh! She does say that! It just reminded me of something else she says, "Okay . . . Please answer this" even when she's not asking a question - I think it's more of a "Hello, I need your attention" kind of phrase.