Friday, June 12, 2009

Rookie Season

Caroline is officially finished with her first ever soccer season. It was fun to watch her practice and play in games (but I think the distinction between a "practice" and a "game" is still lost in that three year old head), but it was probably most fun for me to watch Caroline and Jeff take this soccer endeavor together. Jeff had fun coaching a bunch of rowdy three, four, and five year olds and he really did a great job. It was probably more often like herding them than coaching them, but I think all the kids really enjoyed it.

In the last game Caroline played in, she scored a goal. In our goal. We celebrated nonetheless. I think she was more excited about the Gatorade and granola bars that came shortly after her goal when the game ended, but I suppose that playing soccer as a three year old is all about the same thing that the rest of her life is about: enjoying each moment.

So excited about that trophy.

Getting her trophy (and a smooch) from Coach Papa.

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