Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Annie and cowgirls

I posted a while back about Caroline's new found love for Annie. We listen to the soundtrack just about every day in the car and we talk about Annie all the time now. I took a few pictures of her dressed up in her "Annie dress" a while back and I'm just now getting them on the computer. Here she is (and she was dancing to the Annie soundtrack, so I couldn't get her to stand still):

Yesterday afternoon Jeff came home from riding his bike and Caroline and I wee playing in the yard. Jeff pulled his bike out of the car and Caroline immediately went to the garage to her bike. She was in the grass, so she wasn't pedaling, but she was pushing herself around with her feet and watching Jeff as he got the rest of his stuff out of the car. As Jeff pulled a cowboy hat (don't ask) out of the car, Caroline went crazy and said she needed her hat. She ran inside and returned with a pair of pink boots that have to be about five sizes too big and an old hat. She put on her get up and rode around the yard and said she was a cowgirl. Here's our cowgirl:

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