Thursday, May 08, 2008

I'm not saying that I like her, but . . .

Here's a article worth reading and pondering. As of late I've been wondering what in the world is going on in the democratic primaries, and this article expresses well one point of view. I haven't gotten overly involved in it, but I'm certainly thinking about what this writer says. I also checked out the link that she provides in the piece and it's a good read too.

Have a good weekend!


laura loman said...

Okay Ash, hope you don't mind me posting my opinion. I always have one, ya' know. I think this woman may be a little misled, although I did agree with one of her points. That later. I completely disagree that the media is sexist (against women, that is). If anything they are men-hating feminazis. What they ARE is racist. Misled people may not understand that these liberal types are more oppressive to blacks and other minorities than anyone, even though they pretend to be for the black. They could not risk being called "racists" by supporting Hillary. There is an excellent book written by a black man titled, "Bowling Alone" that explains this phenomena of "white guilt." Liberals and media are more racist than any others. Equal rights are far from what they stand for. And here's where I agree with the writer. . . Obama himself, on a pedastool, elite and mighty, playing the race card. This is who he is, who our media is. A couple other quick points. . . I believe Hillary is staying in this, not because she is courageous. She is quite the opposite in my opinion. She is waiting for Obama to step in something again. The Clintons have plenty on him but they will be "racists" for exposing any of it. Her hope is that something big may change the minds of the "almighty" superdelegates. We've known for months that they will decide the outcome of this election. Our media is not against women, I assure you. I'd be glad to share, in a seperate essay, what they are against. And, it's mostly everything.

Ashley said...

Laura, Of course I don't mind you posting your opinion. I can't put up something political and expect people to keep quiet! I like the commentary, thanks.