Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Caroline had her first "dance recital" (to use the term loosely) yesterday morning. She has been taking a dance, rhythm, and movement class at school since August or September and those classes have truly been the highlight of her week. A woman that we know from First Pres started a company about three years ago and she goes into different preschools to teach dance to kids one day a week during school hours. It has been wonderful for Caroline. She loves to dance, loves music, and adores her teacher. Here are a few pictures from the big event, and yes, another video! The girls did such a wonderful job performing in front of a group. We were a very proud and entertained group of parents and grandparents! Oh, and Caroline wasn't the only one not wearing a full out ballerina costume, she just happened to be standing near the only three girls who did get dressed up. We tried on her leotard and tutu and ballet shoes from halloween, but of course they didn't fit anymore. So, she wore the tutu from Drew and Amelia with her pink shirt and pink tennis shoes, she seemed perfectly happy with that.

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