Friday, May 16, 2008

My mom always said that people use curse words when they don't have a good enough vocabulary to think of something better to say . . .

Heard about the uproar from the democrats in Washington about Bush's speech in Israel? Yeah, because no one hated America before Bush was in office. All of our problems started when he was elected, just in case you haven't been paying attention. I'll say that with the disclaimer that I'm not George Bush's biggest fan, but I think his detractor's take it too far.

Besides the fact that Biden's comments are childish, they are inaccurate. That's my opinion, and of course he is entitled to his. I think it is funny that after the President gives a speech that expresses one view of foreign policy, it is jumped on by the democrats as an attack on Barack Obama. Many democrats believe the same thing, they would bring terrorists and murderers to the table to "talk". I don't think that's a good idea and I believe it will not improve the image of America in the world. I'm not for appeasing people who would love to see our country blown off the map, but again, that's just my opinion. I read somewhere recently that Tony Blair said after 9/11, "They killed 3,000, they would have killed 30,000 if they could have." I agree and I don't think that point of view deserves the finger-pointing that it is getting right now from people who disagree.

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laura loman said...

Amen sister! Joe Biden. . . he's such a joke! Sad to think our country lies in the hands of these people who say, "let's TALK to the mass murdering, America-hating, terrorists who would love nothing more than to see all of us tortured and murdered." I, too, thought it was funny that Obama considered this an attack on him. Bush never even mentioned his name. You and I both know that these people love to attack Bush whenever they get the chance. And, I too, am not a huge Bush supporter. He has definitely helped the Republican party in abandoning our conservative values. Where are the Reagan values during times like this? I have an answer. . . Bobby Jindal, 2012! Go Bobby!!