Wednesday, July 02, 2008


From the first time I ever heard Caroline's heart beating (it was in late February of 2005), I thought that sound had to be one of the most beautiful sounds in the world. Since losing Joshua, my opinion on the beauty of the sound of a beating heart is that much stronger. Today at my 17 week appt with Dr. Moore, I heard those wonderful heart beat sounds (for the fourth time, but it never gets old)! Baby #3 has a heart rate of 157.


Amelia Walton said...

SUCH good news--happy baby, happy mama, happy aunt and uncle!
Miss ya'll!

Katie B said...

Thanks for sharing your beautiful heart.I love how you keep baby Joshua such a part of your life, not letting your sadness over his death take away the joy of knowing that he lived-even if only for a while.
Can I tell you my thoughts and then you can write them for me? You always seem to write what I am thinking in a better way than I could ever say them, much less write them...