Thursday, July 31, 2008

singer song-writer

As I think most of you know, or at least you could figure out from our blog, Caroline loves to sing and dance. She sings the classic "kid songs" that you all know and love, some new songs I didn't know before her teachers introduced them into our lives, some songs she's picked up from listening to CD's in the car (Jeff tries to expose her to a wide range of music. Her latest favorite is Tracy Chapman), some Disney songs, and of course the old-standby: Annie songs. In the past couple of days she's started making up lyrics to the tune of the songs she knows and some of my favorite "Caroline songs" are about me!

She was singing yesterday afternoon about Jeff mowing the grass and me washing the dishes and it went something like this, "Papa is mowing the grass and Mama not let me jump on the trampoline 'cause we have to clean. Caroline needs to wash the dishes, we might need to wash the dishes." Another song from yesterday came about after she had made about four or five consecutive trips to the bathroom, but she each time, she said she didn't actually need to go. She was outside with Jeff after he had finished mowing the grass and I was in the kitchen cooking dinner. I kept hearing this faint little knock on the back door. Finally, I said, "Caroline you have to sit on the potty until you go, you can't keep going back and forth between outside and the bathroom." From the bathroom I heard this little song, "Mama not let me get out the bathroom. We not keep knocking on the door. Mama not let me stand up, I have to sit." I had to laugh.

I hear that my brother Drew is quite the King of made-up lyrics, so perhaps she comes by this genetically?

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Amelia Walton said...

Drew's take on Annie:
The sun'll come out, tomorrow, so you gotta have your hands near your pockets just in case. Just thinkin about tomorrow makes me think that I just just sing and twirl in my skirt. When I'm stuck on a train that's grey and stinky, I just stick out my hand and dance and saaaaaaaaaaay ohhhhhhhh...tomorrow!

Or yesterday, when we were singing It's in His Kiss and Drew launched into bomba doop doop doo wahhhh after insisting that you have to hug him and kick him all night to fiiiiiiind out what's in the snoooooooow. You get the idea. You guys have to tape some of these!