Monday, July 14, 2008

Our little helper

Caroline has always been interested in whatever it is that Jeff and I are doing, be it cooking, cleaning, working in the yard, watering plants, whatever.  Lately, she has taken it to a new level.  She insists on helping us do everything.  Jeff helps pick up all of the sound equipment after church on Sundays and the past two Sundays she has made herself part of the pick-up team.  She had a slight melt-down (complete with crying) when I tried to get her to sit with me while Jeff picked up a few final things this past week.  It wasn't worth it of course, so off she went to help bring the electrical equipment to storage.  

She's also been helping me wash dishes for the past few weeks as well.  When she hears the water in the kitchen running, she comes running too!  She pulls up her "booster" (a step-stool that puts at just the right height to our counters) and happily "washes" her cups and plates next to me.  Caroline's other love is cooking and baking.  We made cupcakes recently and she has lost all fear of the KitchenAid mixer!  She loves it and enjoyed learning to crack an egg into it while the mixer worked away at the ingredients.  I"ve got a couple of pictures of our cupcake endeavor, but for some reason blogger isn't letting me upload them right now.  I'll update soon!  

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