Wednesday, July 30, 2008

more answered prayers

We had our 20 week ultrasound on Monday (even though I'm actually at about 21 weeks). The days leading up to it were filled with excitement and anxiety and nervousness. All of the fears were allayed as the ultrasound progressed though! We were thrilled to see a beating heart right away and as the sonographer (is that the right term?) went through studying the baby's anatomy, taking measurements, and running them through her computer, she did a wonderful job of explaining everything to us. She kept saying, it looks good, everything looks great, that is normal, and just generally encouraging us through the process. The baby was moving around quite a bit and at one point I even felt a kick and saw it at the same time, which was a first for me! Finally, after we were assured that all looked and measured normally, we found out that we are having another GIRL! We are all very excited, most importantly about her health, but also about Caroline having a little sister.

We are now beginning the process of choosing a name; I'm not sure whether we'll tell everyone or not before she gets here, so I'll keep you posted on that front. Caroline's suggestions for names so far are: Brother (we told her we can't name a baby girl "Brother"), Girl, and the most recent suggestion from this morning was "Fuzzy". We'll keep the process going.

I'm posting on my lunch break at work, but when I'm home I'll see if I can get some of the pictures from the ultrasound scanned in and posted here soon.

UPDATE:  Here are the pictures.  If you aren't skilled at deciphering ultrasound pictures, I can't really help you without being able to point at the picture, but I'll do my best to describe each picture below:  

This is her face!  

She'll kill us for this one day, but this is her bottom . . . It's a GIRL!  

The one on top is her leg extended - looks like she's gong to have some long legs like Caroline  The bottom two are her feet and toes.  

The top one is her right arm, bent at the elbow.  The bottom one is her right arm and her head, her hand is in a fist right next to her face.  

Thanks for all your well-wishes and prayers.  we appreciate them all.  

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Jeff, Lauren, Graham & peanut said...

Congrats Ash! I'm so glad that the ultrasound went well! We've been praying that your mind is put at ease throughout this pregnancy. So excited that you'll have another little princess! God is good!!