Friday, January 23, 2009

Flashback Friday: This makes me giggle

The year must have been either 1985 or 1986 because that is the school year that I was in the third grade at Westminster Elementary School (Mrs. Holden's class).  Why do I know I was in the third grade?  Well, the third grade is the year my mom allowed my hair to be cut in the hideous bowled cut you see below and also allowed me to choose these stylish glasses.  Banner year for Ashley!  I have not forgiven her yet.  

My cousins and my brother and I are on Alicia's bed at her house, apparently all really excited about eating M&M's.  As a side note, the trip to the "Pack A Sack" (as we called it, in actuality it was probably a 7 Eleven in those days) was definitely a high light to any summer day, so the excitement could very well be about the trip to the convenience store to purchase those M&M's.  I am sporting the hairstyle horror for children of the 80's and, obviously, no shorts under that blue jean skirt.  Where was mom?  Drew is looking nonplussed about being the only boy and I think just to accentuate his "boyness", he is wearing the vest to his leather fringed cowboy outfit (I wish he was wearing the chaps that go along with it).  Erin (far left) is trying to crowd me out apparently, and Alicia is just enjoying her candy with her legs crossed like a real lady.  

We spent a lot of time with our cousins growing up; I have many really good memories of our time together.  This picture makes me laugh and cringe all at once; I love that it captures just a regular day of the four of us laughing and being kids together (speaking for myself, not the most fashionable kid).  M&M's still make me pretty happy, and it is good to remember that often it is the small things in life that make our lives joyful.  

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anneglamore said...

My sister begged for that haircut and then cried for a year after she got it.

Christie said...

Ash, that is the CUTEST picture of ya'll...I love it, even with the fruit haircut! LOL.