Sunday, January 11, 2009

Our week

The other night when the BCS Championship game was on, we let Caroline sit with us for a while before bed time to watch part of the game.  She thinks every football game features LSU, so she kept saying, "Go Tigers!" or "L - S - U!"  We were trying to explain that the teams playing were Oklahoma and Florida.  She sat there for a while and then out of the blue said, "Who is Barack Obama?"  I told her that he was going to be our next president.  She replied, "What is the president?"  I tried explain that concept by telling her that he leads our country.  I couldn't get that sentence entirely out of my mouth when she interrupted saying, "Oh, yeah!  I see the alligators!"  So much for the civics lesson, she had spotted the Florida "Alligators" mascot.  

This morning I was checking my email on the computer while Charlotte slept in her swing and Caroline played with play-doh at the table.  Caroline came running into our room and grabbed my hand saying, "Come see!  I'm sharing!"  I was terrified that she had put play-doh in Charlotte's hands, so I hurried into the other room to find Charlotte's little legs covered in Caroline's green blankie.  Caroline was so proud of herself; she said, "Look, I'm sharing green blankie with Charlotte.  She needs it."  If you have ever been to our house at nap time or bed time, you know that Green Blankie is very special to Caroline and she can't sleep without it.  She is usually pretty possessive with that blanket, so it spoke volumes that she wanted to share that special blanket with Charlotte.  I put some pictures below of the two of the girls after Caroline gave Charlotte the blanket.    

Jeff and Caroline at the pier at the LSU lakes on Saturday.  

Caroline, Charlotte, and green blankie

Charlotte looks like she really appreciates the gesture!  

Hope all is well!  


Amelia Walton said...

Charlotte is already looking less like a newborn and we've only been gone a week! Such pretty ladies...

Jeff, Lauren, Graham & Miles said...

The girls are precious together!! And I love your swing!! :) Glad to see that you all are doing well! Looks like you have adjusted beautifully with your new addition...Keeping you all in my thoughts & prayers!