Thursday, January 22, 2009

When am I?

Oh my.  A lot of questions were answered and many more asked on the Lost premiere last night.  I don't know how you could even begin to explain or analyze it all.  Jeff sat down to watch it with me last night and he is not a big Lost fan.  He used to hate the show and now he's come around.  A little.  He will watch it, but this is a show you have to really pay attention to and keep up with each week.  He started asking questions like, "so how did those people get off of the island?"  and "what's the deal with the flashing light?"  It was then I realize that you cannot explain this show, it can't really be done, you have to actually watch it to get it all.  

So, with that being said, I have to give my take on last night's episodes.  There is no longer any doubt that the island and all of it's mystery and weirdness have something to do with time travel.  I think that was pretty certain by the end of last season, but now there is no doubt.  The island is tripping and hopping around in time.  One minute they are at the blown up hatch (=future) and the next minute they are at the hatch covered in brush, occupied by Desmond (=past).  I'm not sure of the full extent of Daniel Faraday's role, but he creeps me out sometimes.  I'm wondering if Desmond heard him say his mother's name or if Daniel made the time jump before he could get it out.  That's obviously what it looked like last night, but it also looks like Desmond is headed to Oxford to find her, so we'll see.   As for Charlotte, her intentions have always seemed a little suspect to me, but looks like she'll be needing to find her "constant".  Daniel didn't say anything to her about that though and last season he helped the Losties find their constants so that their brains didn't explode.  I'm wondering what the Daniel/Charlotte connection will be, I don't get the sense that it's romantic.  

Let me just say:  I love Hurley.  The producers said that he is the heart of the show and after last night I totally agree.  He just wants to do the right thing.  And it was the sweetest moment in my Lost recollection when his mom said, "I believe you."  I teared up; it is so rare to get that kind of moment on this show.  Oh, and I also had a baby seven weeks ago, so maybe it was hormonal, but it really was a sweet moment.  Ben's interaction with Hurley almost made me not dislike him.  Almost.  They are showing a human, caring side of Ben though, which is new and interesting.  I'm not sure how he's going to swing getting the Oceanic 6 back in 70 hours (wasn't that what the white haired lady said?).  They are all in L.A. though (aren't they?). 

On Kate.  The lawyer coming to her house freaked me out.  I don't want anything to happen to Aaron.  And wasn't that the dad from "My So-Called Life"?  In any event, looks like Kate is ready to head somewhere, perhaps she doesn't know yet that it is back to the island.  I also can't get away from all of the Biblical and religious allusions the show has, so I'm wondering what part "Aaron" (read:  Moses' older brother who is his "voice") will play in this, if any.  Maybe I'm looking for too much there.  There was definitely something less than friendly going on with Sun when they met up at the hotel.  I'll be anxious to see how that plays out.  Oh, and Jin is definitely NOT DEAD.  

John Locke is obviously finding out what always made him "special".  I'm not sure this is how he thought that would play out, but there you have it.  His interactions with Richard were interesting.  I wonder what role the island time hopping has on Richard, who obviously hasn't aged in 60 years or so.  Does it kill him?  Move him?  On another John note, did they ever explain why they are also calling John "Bentham" (sp?)?  

So much more to the show, but that's what stuck in my mind from last night.  Looking forward to next Wednesday!  

Here's a link to Shannon's Lost recap (always good).  


oh amanda said...

Oh, I forgot about "Jeremy Benthem"...we didn't get an explanation on that, did we?

I was glad to get a good "parent" moment, too. Hurley's the only one who has a decent family! LOL!

Crystal said...

My thoughts on the show are here

But i read and interesting theory that Charlotte is Daniel's mom and Daniel is trying to become her constant so she will live. That's why he needs desmond to go tell her that he (daniel) is on the island.