Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I thought this picture was a great way to start this post!  Gotta love that precious girl!  

I've been really bad about posting updates on Caroline and Charlotte, so I apologize! Jeff went out of town this past weekend and so our "normal" schedule was thrown away and I'm starting (starting) to get back on track. The girls are both doing well - nothing exciting to report (which can be a good thing). Charlotte has definitely changed a lot in the past few weeks. She looks less and less like a newborn and more like a semi-chubby baby. Regrettably, with those newborn looks, she's also lost that good sleeper trait that she had at first and has gone to being a not-so great sleeper much like her big sister. At least this is nothing new for me, I've done the crazy sleeping before (albeit three years ago) and it really doesn't last forever. Charlotte can count herself among a small group of people in this world who I will miss sleep for and still love them in the morning.  We'll go to Charlotte's 2 month check up next week and she'll get her first round of shots (no fun!), I'll be sure to update her stats then!

Caroline and Jeff went to the park in the evening a few days ago.  She loves the park; she's so brave, she climbs to the top of the "tower" you'll see in the third picture without any fear and comes back down (which for me would be the scariest part).  

Hope all is well!  


Amelia Walton said...

A smile!! Loving seeing that! xx

Ashley said...

I try in vain to get her to smile all the time - and she occasionally will give it up with a great toothless grin. It is priceless.