Sunday, March 22, 2009


Spring is finally here and we've been spending some time outside in the afternoons, taking advantage of the day light and nice weather.  So, I'm finally getting a few minutes to put some updated pictures of the girls up!  Like I said in my last post, we've just been busy, but we are doing well.  In addition to spending time outside, the season of life where our weekends are overtaken by birthday parties has begun; so between spending time and money at Target and Wal-Mart and weekend afternoons at bouncy birthday places, I haven't had much free time on the weekends!  Caroline enjoys it though, and I suppose that's all part of growing up, for both her and us.  

Charlotte is changing just about every week.  She is a truly happy baby who loves to smile and (almost) laugh.  It's hard to believe she is about to be four months old, but every day I look at Caroline, it is a testament to the cliche that "time flies".  Charlotte has never been a big fan of the pacifier, she usually only wants it when she's ready for a nap, unlike Caroline who couldn't leave home without it.  I had a feeling Charlotte would be a thumb-sucker instead of the pacifier loving baby that her sister was, and she proved me right this past week and found her thumb!  

Caroline has moved up to the "big kids" class at school and she is really loving being there.  She had started to say in recent weeks that she was still with "some babies" in her class at school, and now that is no longer the case!  They've been working on writing letters and recognizing words a little more than they did in her previous class, and I she is enjoying the challenge of that.  She comes home and wants to "do homework" now and practice all of the skills they are teaching her at school.  Caroline is still growing like a weed and I am not sure how we are going to continue to clothe this child, she grows out of clothes faster than I ever imagined a child could.  She has also gotten back into the habit of making up songs which is entertaining for all of us.  

Caroline and Jeff ran another kids' race this weekend and they had a great time running it with friends.  After the race, there was a DJ playing music for the after party and Caroline had to join in the Cupid Shuffle, proud moment for us!  


Christie said...

Cute, cute pictures, Ash!!!

amy weiner said...

the cupid shuffle . . . she is so clearly her Jo-Jo's granddaughter.