Thursday, March 05, 2009

Lost again

Last week I said I was lost when it comes to LOST and I'm not ready to change my status on that after last night. So, what is the deal with the blue vehicles? Blue VW buses, a blue Jeep? There's probably absolutely no significance to that whatsoever, it just caught my attention.

I didn't LOVE last night's episode, it was only so-so for me, but it did make me fall a little more in love with Sawyer. We got a chance to see a little more of his kind, "softer" side. I have been waiting for Juliet and Sawyer to get together, so we finally got a little peek at that. I am praying that their relationship isn't short-lived; I'm not ready for the Sawyer, Kate, Jack triangle to re-emerge. BTW, did Juliet look a little pregnant or was it just me?

In my mind, there weren't as many questions answered last night as there have been in the last two or three episodes, but my brain might not have been able to take too many more "answers" right now anyway. I'm still trying to sort through all that we've seen so far this season.

Again, I don't have a whole lot in the way of "theories" or connections from last night, but I did love seeing Sawyer happy and having him be the hero and good guy of the night.

Shannon is taking a LOST break this week, but thee are a few links in the comments FYI.

Update: Great recap from Amanda here.


Sarah Eliza said...

Dude, I thought she looked a little pregnant too! But I couldn't decide conclusively. And forget love triangle lol, I would say originally we had love triangles plural (Jack seemed interested in Juliet for a while, right?) and now it's some kind of love octagon or something. :P

I really liked that the episode moved us forward plot-wise, but I have so many questions it isn't even funny. Not funny, but still awesome. :)

jen said...

I thought this episode was great, because of all the Sawyer. I just can't bring myself to call him James or Jim. I didn't even notice a baby bump, but I'm watching again just to see. You are not the only was all over the message boards. Hubs said she would be scared to get pregnant, and since she had just safely delivered baby the day before there wouldn't be time to have said bump.
Oh, the questions.
One thing is for sure.