Friday, March 27, 2009

Jeffrey in the News

I have to brag on Jeffrey James;  he made the newspaper today in Baton Rouge!  Jeff has been designing T-shirts and doing some freelance graphic design work for a few months now and the store that sells his shirts had a fundraiser fashion show earlier in the week. The newspaper did a feature story on it and one of his shirts was pictured. Here's the link!  

You have to scroll to the second picture in the photo line-up and it says that the shirt is by Au-si, which is the name of his design company.  His company is also listed in the article itself.  We had no idea that it was going to be in the paper, but my mom called me this afternoon to tell me that Jeff's shirt made it into the People section; we were surprised and excited to see it on the cover page!  

As a side note, the name of his company has a sweet back-story.  Caroline's two first real words were "outside" and "guitar" (is she her father's daughter or what?).  "Outside" in Caroline-speak sounded more like "au-si", and so a company name was born!  

I'm so proud of you, Jeffrey James!  

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