Monday, October 27, 2008

Annie hits the town!

Caroline dressed up like Sleeping Beauty for last weekend's Fall Festival, but this past weekend we spent the day in New Orleans on Saturday and she dressed up like her favorite orphan:  Annie!  

We curled her hair just for the occasion and the results were pretty amusing.  She actually like having the curlers in her hair, but I think it is because she thought they made her more like Annie.  We left Baton Rouge in the morning and drove to New Orleans and parked uptown to ride the St. Charles Avenue Street Car.  It was Caroline's first ride on the street car and she had a blast.  We rode almost up to Lee Circle and got off and came back to our car before hitting the zoo.  She enjoyed seeing the animals, and in true Caroline fashion once she saw the animal, she was ready to get moving to the next one.  

We all had a great time and the weather couldn't have been any better.  After the zoo we ate a late lunch at Louisiana Pizza Kitchen.  As we got on the road, Caroline was NOT happy at the prospect of going home, she whined about that for about three minutes and when she got quiet, we looked in the back seat and she was fast asleep.  

It was a long day of a lot of walking for those little legs of hers, so I'm sure she needed that car nap!  Here are some pictures from the day:  

Our little "Annie" before we left the house!  

Riding the street car (yes, with her curlers, she did not want to take them out for the ride)

Waiting for the street car for the return trip back uptown

"Annie" and Jeffrey before we went into the zoo (and we finally convinced her that Annie didn't wear curlers, she needed to take them OUT to have curly hair)

Checking out the sea lions

Taking a little break

Climbing the tree with a little help from Jeff

On our way out . .  it's a lot of walking for short three year old legs

Burning off some energy at Louisiana Pizza Kitchen before the drive back to BR

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