Thursday, October 23, 2008

Baby news and Caroline updates

We are now about five weeks away from the day that Caroline's baby sister will join us! My doctor told me at the appointment yesterday to expect to have her right around Thanksgiving/the first week of December. That really makes her arrival seem imminent - in an exciting way! She weighs about 4 1/2 lbs now and my ribs can attest that she is doing her fair share of kicking around in there. Here's a picture of her profile from the ultrasound yesterday.
In other news, Caroline is just as excited as we are about her sister's arrival and in fact I'm beginning to get a little worried about Caroline's possessive tendencies when we talk about the baby. She told me this today: "when my baby sister gets her, I will rock her and shut the door and you not come in." Um, no. But, I didn't burst her bubble, I just said, "Really?"
I'll also share a couple of funny non-baby related Caroline stories. The other morning I was about to blow dry my hair when she called me into her room. I had the blow dryer in my hand and she asked me what it was. I knew she knew what it was so I said, "Caroline, what is this?" she mimicked me using the blow dryer and responded, "It's for burning your hair, like this." Note to self: let hair air dry more often.
On our way home from school we always pass right in front of the Shaw Center for the Arts. As we were driving that way the other day, a car in front of us stopped and a young woman in a wedding gown and veil got out, presumably to take some wedding pictures there. Caroline's face lit up and she pointed to the bride and said, "Mama, where is that princess going?" I love it. In her three year old world, it is nothing out of the ordinary for a princess to ride in a Ford Explorer.

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