Monday, October 06, 2008

Our weekend

This past Saturday was an election day in Baton Rouge, so early that morning Caroline drove her Jeep and I walked over to the church in our neighborhood so that I could vote.  She loved it and felt so proud that she had "driven" all the way there.  I had to work in the middle of the day, so Caroline and Jeff spent some time out in the kayak on the LSU lakes while I headed out to work.  They had a great time discovering turtles and trying to feed the ducks from the boat.  As aggressive as those ducks are on shore, Jeff said that they were terrified of the boat and weren't interested in eating any bread that Caroline had to offer while they were out on the water.  They spent a couple of hours out there and when they got home Jeff said Caroline was dirty and tired so she took a bath and went down for her nap without even wanting lunch first.  

When I got home in the afternoon, Caroline and I made a trip to Target while Jeff mowed the grass and got the back yard in order.  Caroline recently discovered Barbie dolls and we got her a princess Barbie with a gift card she had left over from her birthday.  I know in recent years Barbie has gotten a bad rap, but I loved Barbies, so it is fun for me to see her enjoying some of the same toys I loved to play with.  

On Sunday after church we had brunch with our pastor and his wife and it was 1:30 by the time we got home so we decided Caroline would forgo her nap for the day.  Instead of sleeping, we headed out to the LSU Rural Life Museum.  They were putting on Harvest Days this weekend.  Caroline had a great time.  I hadn't been there in years and Jeff had never been.  It is really like taking a step back in time.  They have actual houses that have been reclaimed and restored that are fully furnished as they would have been in the 1800's, along with slave cottages, a schoolhouse, a church, a blacksmith shop, a grist mill, a general store, and I'm sure some other buildings that I'm not recalling.  For the weekend, they had activities for kids set up and most of them were geared for kids a little older than Caroline, but she had fun with all of the activities she could take part in.  We took a horse drawn wagon ride around the property, she got to grind corn into corn meal, pet some goats, and play with a friend she made on the wagon ride.  Here are some pictures from our time there.   

On the wagon ride!  

Caroline with the goat

I'm not sure what this is called, but Caroline (with Jeff's help) used this machine to get all of the corn kernels off of a cob of corn before grinding the kernels into corn meal.  

Grinding the corn meal

Feeling the effects of a No Nap Day.  

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