Tuesday, October 07, 2008

update on our girls

Yesterday I had a follow up appointment with the high-risk pregnancy doctors, which meant another ultrasound peek at our baby girl. All looks good; she weighs in at about 3 1/2 lbs now, which they tell me is a normal weight for a baby at this point. She was moving well and she passed all of her "activity tests". She's already moved to the "head down" position, so it's hard to get good pictures of her face at this point, but below is one of her yawning. I'll try to go ahead and decipher it: if you see the black oval-ish diamond-ish shape in the middle of the picture, that is her mouth (yawning) and directly to the right is her nose and then you can probably see her eyes. She reminds us of Caroline.  

Speaking of Caroline, she is doing well too!  She seems to have grown like a little weed in the past two months and is growing out of all of her clothes and shoes faster than we can keep up with.  She's not the oldest in her class at school, but she is certainly the tallest.  She has alsopicked up a couple of new phrases lately.  She now has "ideas".  She'll say, "I have an idea!"  And you reply, "what is it Caroline?"  To which she says, "My idea is . . . .. That's a great idea, right?"  And of course it's a great idea!  The other new phrase borders on being sassy, but it is pretty funny and from her tone, I don't think she means it sassy.  If I am getting aggravated with her or if I'm busy doing something and she is asking me a million questions, often I'll say something like, "Caroline, please give me a minute', or "You are going to have to wait".  In those sorts of situations, she has started saying, "Well mama, you might need to be nice."  And again, she's right, I do need to be nice!  

Caroline has also been quite interested in buses and trains lately and we've promised that we'll take her on a train ride soon.  Here's a picture of Caroline early one morning as she decided that she needed to wait on the porch for the bus that picks up a little boy who lives across the street.  

Hope all is well with all of you!  


Allison Bussell said...

Is that a Disney princess outfit I see?!?! Pajamas, right? wink wink

Ashley said...

yes, yes. you are right, they are Disney pajamas, but she hasn't technically left the house, right? Does standing on the front porch count as leaving the house?