Monday, April 18, 2011

A Holy Week in Unholy times?

I read this article this morning and I was so surprisingly affected by his words.  The article intertwines history, human nature, and thoughts on how our Creator comes into all of it in a really beautiful way.  The issue of certainty and control play a big part in my life right now (perhaps as Mead posits, all of our lives?) and his words were a gentle and honest reminder of how often that biggest need from a human standpoint is truly unattainable. 

All too frequently life, work, family, and the world can seem to come at us too fast; it all seems like too much sometimes.  This gentle reminder helped put that sentiment into its proper perspective during Holy Week, "It’s the week that came at Jesus too fast: the triumphal entry into Jerusalem on Sunday ended days later in humiliation, torture and death."

It is a bit on the long side, but worth the extra couple of minutes it takes to read it.

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