Monday, April 04, 2011


We had a good and busy weekend! Caroline had a soccer game on Saturday morning and had a friend come over to play that afternoon. Sunday we went to church and let the little ones nap and then it was off to the grocery store for me! The girls spent a good bit of time outside today too, and this afternoon - as you can see - they made a make-shift baby pool out of the bin we keep the outside toys in.

This week is the kindergarten "talent show." And I'm using those quotation marks in their truest sense. I imagine that this might be more properly titled, "entertainment for the parents show." Caroline has decided to dance for her talent and she has no dance choreographed, she just says she's going to dance to "It's a Hard Knock Life" from Annie. So, I'll report back on how that turns out! The teachers did at least have the wisdom to limit each child to two minutes. I find that anything, or just about anything that a kid does for thirty seconds is tolerable, so hat might be about one and a half minutes too long for some, but again, expect a full report on Friday!

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