Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Best. Advice. Ever

After Camille was born I had more people than I can count ask me, "How do you handle a baby and two active little girls."  My stock answer was always, "I just take it one moment at a time."  This says what I was trying to convey much more beautifully than my words did.

Just do the next thing.

Pick up the dishes.  Type the email.  Read the book, Give the bath.  Pick up the sock. Chop the onion.  Pour the goldfish.  Kiss the head.  Tie the shoe.  Review the contract.  Make the lunch.

It is so true that for any of us -- no matter our lot in life -- the entirety of a day or week or hour even can be far too daunting.  The next thing, though, just might be possible.  

(via Ann Voskamp)

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April Pearson said...

Exactly! Haven't heard it that way before, but it's totally true. I do that all day long! Thanks for sharing that.