Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Dear Caroline,

You entered the world weighing not quite seven pounds, but the weight of your life is immeasurable.  You captured my heart before I even saw your precious face.  But each day that has passed the last six years, you've captured it a little more.  

You've always been older than your age.  At nine months, you seemed more like a two year old.  You have wisdom and maturity that your Papa and I can only credit as gifts from God.  

You have a love for life that is contagious, a smile that can wipe away the worst mood, a laugh that invites others into your joy.  You love to play. 

You have energy, determination, and an adventurous spirit that is willing to try new things with a humble confidence that I've seen in few other people.  

You are smart and love to learn.  When I asked you what you were most excited about as you start the first grade tomorrow, you said, "Fast math!"  I am in awe of your talents and gifts and the way you can move seamlessly from playing with Barbies to working math problems for fun to dancing and singing your heart out.

You love to be outside.  Especially with your Papa.  Y'all are buddies who can always something to explore.

You are a fantastic older sister.  Charlotte and Camille are so blessed to have you.  Charlotte especially looks up to you so much, imitating everything you do.  You exhibit tremendous patience and restratint letting her play with you.  You are always my helper with your two sisters and I get compliments all the time about how much you give of yourself to them.  And to me and your Papa.

You are beautiful inside and out.  You see beauty in others.  We were talking about a movie a week or so ago and you asked my why one of the characters was sad; I told you that she didnt' think she was special.  Without missing a beat, you exclaimed, "Of course she is special!  She is beautiful!  And mostly she is beautiful inside.  She needs to know that 'man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.'"  You teach me lessons like that all time.  You are kind and caring.  You are generous and love to serve others.

You have a love for drama, dance, and music that I pray we can continue to cultivate in you.  You love to dress up and have imparted that love to Charlotte.  One of the funniest activities y'all do together is to dress up and create mini-plays as princesses or super-heroes or cheerleaders.  The joy on your face when you are doing the things you love makes me happier than words can express.

Put simply sweet girl, you are the best.  I am so thankful to God that He allowed me to be your mother.  I pray every single day that He would give me and your Papa the grace to parent you well.  To love you fully and to help you become more of who He created you to be.  I had no idea the kind of love you'd give to me and the ways that you would mold me and teach me when I first kissed your face six years ago.  You are a gift.



pwalton said...

Caroline is definitely a precious, talented girl who is a delight to be around. She will surely treasure the comments you have written to her all of her life. These are the greatest gifts!

Allison Bussell said...

We love you, sweet Caroline Beck. Happy Birthday, and I hope first grade is super duper special!